Our Impact

We grow better every day. From day one, we’ve had a vision for a different kind of farm—one that can produce more tasty, nutritious food with fewer resources. In our farms, we will recycle water and nutrients, will collect rainwater for extra hydration, and keep our growing and packaging processes simple to avoid food waste. Then, when we’re ready to ship, we send our produce just down the road, not across the country. We’re continuously improving, but right now, here’s each new farm’s annual impact.


Miles of trucking will be saved

Chances are that most of the produce at your grocery store came from hundreds or thousands of miles away. We’re all for seeing the world, but not in our salad bowls. That’s why we’re building farms that can grow fresh, local produce year-round, sending food to your grocery store in forty-eight hours or less.

Pounds (LBS) of food waste
will be avoided

Most conventional produce travels through wasteful, complicated supply chains, bouncing from farm to packer to produce truck before ultimately landing on your plate—if it survives the trip. We grow, harvest, and pack under one roof, delivering directly to retailers, which is why our food tastes so fresh and lasts so long in your kitchen.


Gallons of water will be saved

Right now, agriculture uses more than 70% of the world’s fresh water supply. We can do better. A lot better. Our closed-loop farms use 95% less water than traditional farms, and we keep them so clean that we don’t have to wash our produce and you don’t, either, saving even more water post-harvest.