Value Add

Get the support you need, when you need it. Whether you are looking for one hour to discuss a crop failure or for a dedicated consultant on monthly retainer, we have the experts to help.

Industry Knowledge

Our team of indoor agricultural consultants work in areas across the CEA industry. Each has their own breadth of knowledge and experience applicable to address your farm’s needs.

Continuous Support

We hope to become your go-to consultants for any indoor farming challenges. Our dedicated team is ready to help around the clock and can provide onsite or remote support based on your needs.

How it Works

For consulting services, first complete the Request a Service form. We will then review your needs and match you with an expert best suited to assist you. 

Once we have matched your request with an expert, someone from our team will send you an email with some potential meeting times and dates to kick things off! Sessions are a minimum of one hour but we are happy to schedule as much time as you need.