Fertilizer Injectors & Mixers

A labor-saving device that fertilizes plants automatically. It sounds like a gardener’s dream come true, doesn’t it? Say hello to fertilizer injectors and mixers — they will do your fertilizing for you. What’s fertigation? Fertilizer + Irrigation = Fertigation. Whether you water by hand, use a sprinkler system, or a drip irrigation system, you can give fertilized water to your plants. Green Amazon walks you through the different devices for fertigation. Which fertilizers? Green Amazon explains how to choose and apply the best fertilizers for your plants. Water-soluble or liquid fertilizers are diluted and sprayed on leaves (foliar feeding) or watered into the soil. Here’s how to choose the best fertilizer mixer or injector for the irrigation you use. For gardeners who have low water pressure and water by hand

We recommend a simple device Mixer Injector. One end of this ingenious mixer screws onto your hose bib, the other attaches to your garden hose. The mixer has a small siphon tube that drops down into a bucket of liquid fertilizer and takes the concentrate up into the hose line at a 1:16 ratio as you water. A backflow preventer is integrated into the mixer. Use this mixer with hoses 200′ or less in length. Must be used with an atmospheric Vacuum Breaker. If your house was built within the last 40 years, it will likely have a Vacuum Breaker in place.For gardeners who have low water pressure and use sprinkler systems or drip irrigation The Add-It Proportioning Fertilizer Injectors and the EZ-Flo System are the next step up. Each of them accommodates low water pressure and either drip irrigation or sprinkler systems. 

We recommend using the Fertilizer Injector. Easy to operate, the Add-It injects fertilizer at a 1:200 ratio (2 tablespoons per gallon). A minimum pressure of 10 PSI is required. A backflow device, like our Vacuum Breaker, must be installed before the injector, and a filter is recommended when injecting fertilizers into drip irrigation. Add-It does not need a by-pass because running water through the empty unit will not harm it. 

You can attach the Automatic Fertilization System to a hose, or install it as part of a sprinkler system or drip system. It is an economical and flexible system for automatic fertilizing. Unlike similar systems, you can see the amount of fertilizer solution as it is used. Made of commercial grade components, it is appropriate for residential or commercial growers and landscapers.  Need a review on fertilizers? Green Amazon has a blog post. Get some fertilizer mixers and injectors. They’ll be your able garden assistants, ready to mix and deliver fertilizer when you water.